“Nostalgia In Its Finest Form”

Dennis has been making Muscadine* Jelly as a necessity for over thirty years. It became a necessity when he left home and his mother told him if he wanted more jelly she would show him how to make it.  It became a hobby when he started his own vineyard.

Dennis and Linda converted the hobby into a small business in October, 1995.front_image_comp

The name Bear Kingdom Vineyard is derived from these sources:

a.  Arkansas was once known as the “Bear State”.
b.  Family collection of bears of all sorts and sizes, hence the Kingdom.
c.  We have our own vineyards.  In the vineyard we have tame varieties of muscadines and scuppernongs along with some wild varieties and hybrids.  This guarantees a harvest each year.

Our canning facility has been inspected and approved by the Arkansas State Health Department and our product is insured.


Why should YOU stand in front of a hot stove when Dennis is willing to do the cooking for you!

Each batch is hand poured.

It is truly the homemade recipe with contents of fruit, sugar and pectin…no corn syrup, artificial flavorings, colors or preservatives added.  This gives you a delicious product with an “easy to spread” quality.


The jellies are prepared in our state approved cannery.  Due to increased costs, we no longer use the old fashioned canning jars with the two piece lid. The new packaging, using Arkansas Glass for the, pints and half pints is displayed on this website.  This presents an attractive package for gift giving or simply “just good eating” in your own home.

Our NEWEST VARIETIES are Pineapple Jam and Mango Jam. Both of these jams are prepared from the fresh fruit. These are available in half pints (8 oz) only and can be ordered online. Pomegranate Jelly (8 oz.) can now be ordered online also!

Gift cards can be enclosed with your personal message with any order. We invite you to give a gift from Bear Kingdom or purchase a small indulgence for yourself and not just for the holidays. . . after all, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches are eaten every day!  Allow your children a quality jam or jelly to complete their sandwich.

Minimum order of 4 jars per size but with your choice of varieties.  Mix and match to suit the tastes of everyone in your household!

*mus-ca-dine (vitis rotundifolia)
Grape-like fruit of the southern U.S.
with musky fruits in small clusters.


Nutrition Facts:
Serving size is one (1) tablespoon
Calories 35 per serving
Zero (0) calories from fat
Total Carbohydrates
(Sugar) per serving:
Jams      8g
Jellies    9g